There is huge vision at Destinysong and we need your help to fulfill the call.  So first off, thank you – it’s a big deal to us that you’re even looking into this.  Complete the form below and you will be taken to a secure checkout where you can use debit/credit or even PayPal for processing.  Have questions before you give?  Read through our Giving FAQ below.

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Giving FAQ

How much should I give?

Any amount is welcome.  You can give one time, or give a recurring amount.  This project is scheduled for 24 months so the best thing for us is a recurring monthly donation amount.  You can choose the amount and the commitment timeframe when you check out via PayPal (please pray about committing for the full 24 months). Whether it be $100 or $10,000 we are thankful for your gift and the heart behind it. Many Christ-followers have already committed their time, energy and money to the cause laid on our hearts…the Holy Spirit may be prompting you to make the same commitment.

What Will the Funding Be Used For?

In the marketplace, a single song, fully produced and mastered, costs about $250 (if you get a good price and also ask your friends to play on it and all you have to come up with the pizza and Mountain Dew to keep them happy!).  Our goal is 200 songs.  This translates to a real-world budget of $50,000.  But we have faith that we can pull this whole thing off for less than half of that amount.  Secondly, we need some significant upgrades in the studio if we are going to make this happen in 24 months – including a construction project to build an addition onto the studio and create an isolated control room.  Construction costs are estimated at $10k and equipment upgrades/additions are another $13k.

While we can make music without all the upgrades and operating budget, we cannot reach our goal of 200 songs in 24 months without it.  Our desire to reach as many people as possible through this channel will be compromised if we do not have the necessary funding.  That’s where you come in.

What is it that I am giving to?

To read more about how Destinysong got started and what our current project for is visit our About page.

A Note on Stewardship

Stewardship is a mandate from God. We take our command seriously. We are consecrated to Jesus and on this great adventure we commit to good stewardship of any funds dedicated to the cause. 100% of your dollars go directly to fund transformation in this world through music.  If you have any questions to assist in making your decision to partner with Destinysong, email us and we commit to answering your questions quickly.

Unashamedly Ethical

As a further testimony to our commitment, Destinysong is a proud member of the Unashamedly Ethical community and abide by their Code of Conduct. Learn more about this organization at www.unashamedlyethical.comUE Logo - colour (Hi Resolution)





Can I Give With a Check?

Yes. Make checks payable to Destinysong and mail any amount to:

Destinysong, Inc.
11395 Buckskin Lane
Colorado Springs, CO 80908, USA

Is this funding tax-deductible?

We are raising support for this project as a grass-roots funding effort.  This is very similar to any crowd-funding projects you may have participated in (like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the like).  But we’re not using a service where any of your money could possibly be used to pay for fees through those services.  We’re also not dangling prizes in front of you to get you to contribute.  The fact is, if a very small number of people commit a reasonable amount of funds, we’ll hit our goals.

Tax Deduction Disclaimer

Destinysong, Inc. is not a registered non-profit company.  We are incorporated in the State of Colorado and where we reside, only donations to registered non-profts are tax-deductable.  You should always seek tax advice from a certified tax-consultant.  That said, you’re giving to Destinysong because you believe in our cause and want us to succeed.  The return on your gift is assisting other believers in advancing the Kingdom – evidence of that are the videos you can access on this site and via the family of websites.

What is PayPal?

What is Paypal? We researched a variety of ways for you to give.  We found out that the fees via PayPal are lower than other merchant services options.  PayPal allows you to give with a debit/credit card in addition to a PayPal account if you have one.  We are able to provide flexibility for you to set up recurring giving with simple drop-down menus on the form on this page.  Finally, it’s secure which protects you.  The bottom line is the secure checkout process via PayPal, combined with their low fees, is really the best option for us at this time. 

How Do I Stop the Recurring Payments?

We understand that things change – so here is a simple way to stop PayPal from processing the recurring payments.  Click the button.