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Live recording session at Destinysong


Destinysong is a recording studio in Black Forest, Colorado.  Launched in 2009 by Michael and Dina Burwell and located in the just north of Colorado Springs, Destinysong is part of a bigger vision to transform the world with music. Read about the history of the studio and what motivates us to do what we do, here.

More music.  More Joy.

Our vision statement is born out of a desire to see more people experience God.  We believe that music itself is a creation of God.  As creative beings ourselves, when we make new music we not only bring God the honor and glory, we spread his Spirit through it – and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  Where there is freedom, there is joy.  This creativity and joy can be as simple as learning to play the guitar in your room to a full symphony in all its grandeur.

Our Current Project

We are currently working on an ambitious project to support one of the most impacting internet ministries in the world.  We are writing, recording and creating music videos that will be seen by thousands of people the world over.  This is a big undertaking and the consuming purpose of Destinysong at this time.  We’re not selling recording time and mastering services – we’re donating all of our efforts to advance the Kingdom.  Read the history of Destinysong and more about our current project.