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Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 4.45.09 PMAllAbutGod.com (AAG) has reached millions around the globe with the Truth.  They have done this by “building a wall of truth on the internet.”  As people search for topics that range from “Who is God?” to “How to commit suicide” AAG is there to be a first line of defense so-to-speak in stopping the Enemy from having his way with the hurting and lost.  When people are made aware that God is real, He loves them and wants the best for them, they make decisions that can dramatically change their whole lives and the lives of others.

How do they do it?

AAG has thousands of search engine optimized pages of content published on the internet.  This content ranges from articles to videos to downloadable books and more.  The topics range from cults to counterculture, Heaven to Hell, evolution to ethics, suicide to salvation and everything in between. Here is a real life example (caution, mature content):

A woman in South Africa is beaten and raped regularly by her husband.  He does this because his father taught him how to do this and he will teach his son to do the same.  The woman feels abandoned and lonely.  She goes to town, rents a few minutes at the local internet cafe and types into the browser “God help me.”  The very first result is from allaboutgod.com with an article titled “God Help Me”  The article explains about how God loves us.  It also introduces the reader to Jesus Christ.  There is a video from Destinysong on the page for the song “Draw Me Close” which is about the love of God for us.  She listens to the song as she reads.  The article explains that God does not want us to go through our challenges alone.  There is an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as our savior.  The woman realizes that she is not alone and she prays to God.  God meets her in that moment and eases her pain as only the One True God can.  For the first time she has hope of a better life, on this earth and for eternity. 

This type of story repeated thousands and thousands of times with different people, dealing with different challenges, in different countries all across the globe.

Astounding Impact

AllAboutGod.com and their associated websites have had over 250 Million visitors in the last 10 years.  There have been over 1 Million people who have indicated a first-time decision for Jesus in that same time period.  In 2013 alone there were over 16 million gospel presentations with 129,590 first-time decisions and 24,153 re-dedications.  There is no other ministry in the world that we know of who is having this kind of impact.

Where Destinysong Fits In

The good people at AAG have asked Destinysong to provide more music to populate across all their websites.  Here at Destinysong we have created a target of 200 top-priority pages to put new worship music on in the next 24 months.  AAG believes that more music will equate to more people being led to the Truth.  We believe this as well.

You can see an example of where the songs are presented by looking at the following pages:

Love of God

Power of Prayer

Who is God

Blood of Jesus

How You Can Help

Learn how to support our project to populate pages with more music which will lead people to a joyful relationship with Jesus Christ by visiting our Give page.